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Ep 65: Dildos in ASMR?

This episode contains the most exciting Indulgence Corner we’ve had in a while. Other topics include, Groundhog Day, clumsy squirrels, Delaware, and a handful of ASMR videos among other things. There’s also an important announcement at the end.

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Ep 63: New Year 2019

It’s a new year and we’ve got a new format, it’s longer and with less ASMR content! This is also our Christmas episode, but we forget about that pretty quickly. John takes us on a tour of his various maladies and ailments. Ian tries his hand at giving bad advice. There’s a really big announcement at the end.

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Ep 57: Catching Up

We’re back from our quick break with travel stories galore! A lot has happened in the world of ASMR while we’ve been away, so there’s a jam-packed ASMR News segment in this episode. Finally we check out our iTunes reviews in the Indulgence Corner.

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Ep 56: Makeup Boys

In this episode we cover two groundbreaking news items. We discuss a new, more humane form of ASMR which may ruffle some feathers. Then, we are the first to uncover a major secret WhispersRed ASMR has been dropping hints about in her videos. Finally, after months of broken promises, our Main Quest focuses on makeup tutorial ASMR.

Ep 55: Sleepy Times

John is extremely tired in this episode, can he make it to the end? After returning to our favorite top ten list of top ten lists of top ten lists we have quite a few Notable Vids to discuss. We spend quite a bit of time commending Goodnight Moon on all the excellent work she does, but then things take a turn when we uncover the lies no one else is talking about. We have some ASMR News items which are in line with Ian’s interest in advertising. Once again, we fail to make it to the cursed makeup tutorial Main Quest.

Ep 54: Hot Off The Presses

We’ve got an exciting Main Quest this week, so exciting we rush through our other segments! But first, there’s still time for John to make an ill-fated sports prediction. Our Main Quest focuses on “More than a feeling: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is characterized by reliable changes in affect and physiology” by Giulia Lara Poerio, Emma Blakey, Thomas J. Hostler, Theresa Veltri, a new research paper on ASMR published in the PLOS One journal.

Ep 53: 40th of July

This patriotic episode was recorded on Independence Day, but we don’t let our patriotism stop us from reporting all the ASMR information you need to know! We get another summer Ian report and it turns out his lavish new lifestyle is making him a little grumpy. W Mag has really upped their ASMR game, and the world of ASMR research has been upped as well! We have another update on Gibi because she has been on fire lately. We also learn about Ian’s views on Animojis and they may not be what you expect.

Marriage Advice with Katie Labounko

It turns out Katie has quite a few answers to the question “has anything exciting happened in your life recently.” She shares with us, advice on making your marriage last, her experience with arranged cat marriages, and more!

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Ep 52: Betrayed by Carr

This was the first episode with Ian in his new summer home and we learn about a new technical challenge he’s facing. ASMR News meets politics this week as we report on policies impacting ASMR. We then take a trip down video game TV memory lane. Our Main Quest this week focuses on ASMR Makeup Roleplay.

Ep 51: History 2005

This week we discuss a wordy top ten list. We then move on to Notable Vids where we discuss “ASMR in Movies” part 1 and part 2. In ASMR News we discuss even more videos describing ASMR for the uninitiated, this time NBC and The New Yorker are throwing their hats in the ring. We also discuss another attempt at ASMR Comedy. Gibi makes an appearance in this week’s Hot Goss, followed by a return to the ASMR subreddit where people have been discussing sleepiness and stimulants. This week’s Main Quest focuses on Programming ASMR, videos discussed include:
1. “ASMR Ear to Ear Whisper About C Programming for Relaxation (Layered Typing Sounds) Pt. 1” by Caroline ASMR
2. “Code ASMR 💻 Soft Spoken IronPython Tutorial” by WorstLoLNA
3. “[ASMR] Java Game Programming #1” by T Umezawa
4. “[ASMR] – Coding Tic-Tac-Toe, on nostalgia, Cathode terminal emulator and vintage computer sound” by Korakot Rakhuang


Terrarizing Nate

John is jet-lagged and Ian is hosting visitors, but we check in quickly to see how Ian’s guests are spending time in Michigan. Very sorry about the echo.

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Ep 50: Marihuana!

Trying a new format for the episode description! It’s just our prep notes, but lightly edited.

  1. Notable Vids
    1. Gibi is such a fucking nerd:
    2. Speak of the devil, Cosmic Tingles is back!
  2. ASMR News
    1. Not new, but Gibi has a gaming channel and she recently uploaded a battle against ASMR Glow
    2. ASMR comedy
  3. Hot Goss
      1. Gonna have some ASMR PhDs in a few years
  4. Main Quest
    1. Weed! (Marihuana! (Like the propaganda film))
    2. YouTube cracking down on weedtubers.
    3. An unreasonable amount of ground weed. I can’t take this seriously.
    4. This was good
    5. So was this
  5. Indulgence Corner
    1. Ian, don’t look if you haven’t seen this yet.
      1. Why must you tempt me so

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Terra on the Islands (w/ Chris Terra)

We have our first repeat guest on this episode of Who Are You? Chris Terra is back to tell us the truth this time. We delve into his work in the Virgin Islands where he helped to… collect boats? We’re still not entirely sure we understand what he was doing, and that might be partly due to John being half asleep for the whole recording.

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Ep 49: Avengers Infinity Bees

Apparently this is our Marvel’s The Avengers: The Infinity War: The Movie special. It was a surprise to one of us. There’s definitely still some ASMR content though. There are some Infinity War spoilers in this ep too. We make an INCREDIBLE discovery and cancel the Main Quest to pursue this new treasure.

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Terra on the Rocks (w/ Chris Terra)

This week we sit down for a fascinating discussion on business with brick oven pizza restaurant founder, Chris Terra!

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Ep 48: The Boys Are Back

After a long hiatus, we have returned to bring you all the ASMR news, facts, and hot takes that you crave. In Notable Vids, we discuss a new OC from Goodnight Moon. Then we delve into the life and ASMR of Aubrey Plaza. You may think Aubrey is the Main Quest, but no! The Main Quest is ASMR Cast! Finally we see what’s been going on in the Indulgence Corner.

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Who Are You? Kimaya Diggs

This week we interview talented singer, songwriter, and musician Kimaya Diggs! Turns out, she just released her first album. We talk to her about the process of making the album, what inspired her, and hear about some of the other jobs she has. Thanks to Kimaya for chatting with us and letting us play samples of a few of her songs on the episode. Check out Breastfed by Kimaya Diggs on Bandcamp and Spotify!

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Who Are You? Jonathan Stroud

It’s another episode of Who Are You? This time we interview Jonathan Stroud.

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Who Are You? Zac May

This week is the pilot for a new podcast called “Who Are You?” It’s an interview podcast where we interview people you’ve never heard of.

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Ep 46: Just Two Fools

It’s a Valentine’s special, and as you might expect things get a little saucy in this episode. Our Main Quest focuses on erotic ASMR. We both prove to be fools in this episode. We have some very topical discussions relating to the hit song “Blurred Lines.” Sorry about the audio issues.

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Ep 45: Connect ASMR.jpg

Things get controversial in our most politically charged episode yet! Still not very politically charged though, this is an ASMR podcast, not a politics podcast. Our Main Quest this week focuses on FredsVoice ASMR. We talk a bit too long about memes. Ian discusses his love of impressionism in music. In the Indulgence Corner, we pose some important questions for Danny D.

Finally, I must apologize for Ian’s audio quality in this episode, hopefully we won’t have this problem in the future.

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Ep 44: New and Improved Formula!

We’re sticking with our New Year’s resolution to become the best podcast in the world about ASMR. In this episode we debut our revised format! Ian shares his thoughts on advertising in ASMR News. In Hot Goss, we discuss a shady ASMR app and the response from ASMRtists and the ASMR subreddit. Our Main Quest focuses on Creative Calm ASMR thanks to our number one fan Danny D. In our new rotating segment John shares his thoughts on assholes. Finally we end things with everyone’s favorite segment, the Indulgence Corner!

Ep 43: New Chris-mas

We take a strong stance on Porgs to kick things off, you’re either with us or against us. In the Indulgence Corner, the #1 fan is crowned. We go on quite a few Side Quests this week. Ian takes a bold stance by criticizing Logan Paul. Our Main Quest introduces our favorite holiday to the world. Finally, we ask our fans for help. Thanks for listening!

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Ep 42: “Christmas Special”

WARNING: This episode is only for experienced listeners. We got pretty drunk recording this and ramble a lot. We don’t really talk about Christmas or ASMR at all. It’s just two drunk guys hanging out, it gets really obvious as time goes on. A couple of times we try to lay down a road map for the rest of the episode, don’t believe those lies.

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This episode makes use of:
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Ep 41: You Won’t Believe this Weird Medical Treatment is Real!

John is getting into the Christmas spirit. Ian hates ALL Holidays. Our Main Quest focuses on Cranial Nerve Exams. What are they? Are they real? How do they relate to ASMR?

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Ep 40: Thanksgiving

It’s a Thanksgiving special! We share some exciting advice for managing your precious time around the holidays. Ian invites a new guest onto the podcast. We throw some shade and do some backpedaling. For our Main Quest we investigate some Thanksgiving themed ASMR content.

Ep 39: Going Through Changes

Wow, this one’s a doozy. We’re trying out some new things with the podcast. We get a little off track a few times in this one, and we have the longest Side Quests segment to date. Our Main Quest this week is “Why is my Brain Tingling” by Deirdre Sackett from Scientific American.

Ep 34: Jung’s Fundamental Archetypes

We discuss a heady subject relating to ASMR. A major secret of Ian’s is revealed. We check out all the recent activity on the ASMR subreddit. Our main quest this week focuses on the paper “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a flow-like mental state” by Emma L. Barratt and Nick J. Davis, published by PeerJ.

Ep 32: Thank You ASMRtists

Ian learns the error of his ways and expresses some new ideas about IKEA. Our main quest focuses on W Magazine’s series of celebrities attempting to create ASMR videos. It’s an interesting idea, but the results are mixed. A surprise guest stops by Ian’s new apartment.

Ep 31: Swedish Furniture ASMR

This episode includes our most tingly intro ever, I gave myself tingles while I was editing it. We cover the final secrets in the Indulgences Corner and impart some wisdom of our own. Our main quest this week focuses on ““Oddly IKEA”: IKEA ASMR” by IKEA USA. Ian reveals his surprisingly strong feelings about the furniture giant.

Ep 29: ASMRtist Struggles

Unfortunately we were unable to record a full episode this week, so instead we discuss some of the struggles faced by ASMRtists. The discussion mainly focuses on “7 Struggles ASMRtists Deal With (with a little ASMR)” by ASMR Darling.

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Ep 27: Names and Vocabulary

The Arthur Corner gets jazzy this week. Ian reveals his new hashtag for our fans! Our main quest this week focused on Smithsonian Mag’s “How Researchers Are Beginning to Gently Probe the Science Behind ASMR” by Libby Copeland.

OC don’t steal.

Ep 26: An ASMR Game?

The legend of Loremaster Bean deepens this week. John’s sister, Katie, guest stars. Katie asks important questions about the Indulgences Corner. John goes on some tasty Side Quests. We discuss potential sponsors, Ian insults one and panders to another. Our main quest this week focuses on the game (ASMR) Vin Diesel DMing a Game of D&D Just For You by Merrit K.

Ep 25: Sports Ballerson

We cover exciting news in sports before moving on to our better known segments. In the Indulgence Corner we go over the results of our first fan poll and deal with a disgruntled fan. Our main quest this week focuses on the ASMR HQ Podcast with Wanda and Paula.

OC don’t steal.

Ep 24: Amphibious Friend

This week the boiz discuss what it means to be an amphibian vs a puppet.  Ian finds a new life coach.  In our Side Quests the spotlight is on an up and coming young ASMRtist.  Our main quest this week focuses on an article from The Atlantic, “I Tried a Spa Treatment Designed to Produce the Tingly Feeling of ‘ASMR’” by Julie Beck and “Whisperlodge” the art project described in the article.

Ep 23: Laptop Lifestyle

This is a big one for us, this episode marks a pretty big milestone. In this episode we actually spend some time discussing ASMR! We also discuss what it means to live the laptop lifestyle and go on some sidequests which some people may claim have nothing to do with ASMR. Our main quest this week focuses on the ASMR Research Project survey being conducted by Karissa Burnett, Jennifer Allen, and Craig Richard. More information can be found at